More Power


contractors who partner with more power gain advantages over the competition


Advantages Overview

The Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) program was established in 1989 to acknowledge California disabled veterans for their sacrifice and service to our country. The Federal Government has given certain advantages to DVBEs and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) that allow those companies to compete in todays marketplace. These advantages are passed on to organizations that partner with a chosen DVBE or SDVOSB in many ways.

When you partner with More Power to fulfill your DVBE or SDVOSB commitment, you are partnering with a company built on the character of a proud United States Air Force Veteran and the commitment of an individual willing to serve and sacrifice for his country.


Veterans First advantage

In 2007 Public Law (109-461) changed the VA's order of priority in favor of DVBEs. The legislation gave DVBEs top priority for competitive set-asides, better sub-contracting programs, and sole sourcing up to $5 Million per contract.


Bidding incentive Advantage

California law provides a1-5% stackable bid advantage to Disabled Veteran Business Entities. By partnering with More Power, contractors can prepare extremely competitive bids and gain a higher probability of winning a state agency contract.

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Set Aside Advantage

The State of California sets aside 3% of all annual contract awards specifically for Disabled Veteran Business Entities. When you partner with a DVBE, you can aggressively pursue state contract gains.

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Marketing Advantage

The state employs Disabled Veteran Advocates to electronically notify certified DVBEs of all state contract opportunities. Partnering with More Power can give a contractor a leg up on the competition by being ahead of the pack in a pre-bid scenarios.

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SBE Advantage

California law (AB 1084), enacted in 1999, gives small businesses residing in California, a 5% bid preference on state agency contracts. This bid advantage, as well as the DVBE incentive can be passed on to contractors choosing to partner with More Power

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Quick Pay Advantage

More Power partners can take advantage of the Prompt Payment Act offered to all DVBEs. The act mandates state agencies to pay DVBEs within 45 days of a receipt noticed. This timely payment program can be a tremendous help to contractors concerned with cashflow.